Susan Montee Offering a New Perspective to Business

By Daniel Cobb

The Griffon News September 12, 2013


Susan Montee, one of the new instructors here at Missouri Western, hopes to offer students a new way of looking at their classes this semester, thanks to her extensive career in politics.

Montee was born and raised in St. Joseph and, even at a young age, attempted to educate herself on what was happening in the world.

“I was on the debate team which helped to keep me current, as most of the issues that are discussed are relevant to the times,” Montee said.

As she entered adulthood, Montee made sure that she got involved in politics as much as she could.

“I was active in politics mainly as a volunteer and a donor for most of my adult life,” Montee said.  “But there was a particular issue that I was very concerned and passionate about at the city level, so I decided that I wanted to be a part of the city council.”

She became Buchanan County auditor in 2000 before becoming the state auditor of Missouri in 2006.  After leaving the office of Missouri state auditor, Montee eventually became the chair of the Missouri Democratic Party.  She believes that her newest job, teaching at Missouri Western, will benefit from her political career.

“I think that the time I spent active in government, from the city council through being state auditor, has given me a perspective that is really good for the courses that I’m teaching,” Montee said.

Michael Lane, the Dean of the Craig School of Business, agrees that Montee’s political background will greatly benefit her ability to teach business and auditing courses.

“In politics, you have to learn to deal with and adapt to different people, and I believe that will be an invaluable tool for her,” Lane said.  “Her expertise in those fields will definitely help her, as well.”

Montee is very fortunate that she is able to teach at Missouri Western.

“I came to town to speak to a class back in April and was told that the professor that was teaching these classes was moving away and I just kind of fell into it,” Montee said.  “It is a wonderful opportunity.”

As far as how she thinks her first semester will go, Montee believes that simply getting used to the college schedule will be her biggest challenge.

“These first weeks have been great.” Montee said.  “The biggest challenge is trying to fit all of this material that students need to know into a 50-minute time slot.”

Yet, Montee is hopeful that her first semester here will be one to remember.

“Like any college student, I’m going to try and make the most out of my time here at Missouri Western,” Montee said.

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