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Latest News from Susan Montee CampaignBullied at school, fearful of how their families will react, and vilified by hateful political propaganda at a time in their lives when they feel lonely and desperate, some gay teenagers commit suicide. Sadly, it has been this way for a long time. But in the last year the media have finally taken notice. Important strides are being made by groups like The Trevor Project and It Gets Better, but suddenly members of the Missouri Republican state legislature want to slam on the brakes and stem the tide of progress for our own young people.

Susan Montee for Missouri Lieutenant Governor 2012House Bill 2051, recently introduced by a group of Missouri Republicans (one who thinks it will cut down on the number of boys marrying goats), seeks to ban the use of language pertaining to sexual orientation in our schools. It’s a tactic used in other states and often referred to as ‘Don’t Say Gay’. If you read between the lines, the supporters of such bills aim to convince voters that they are protecting children from being recruited into ‘the homosexual lifestyle’. What they’re actually attempting is to outlaw the formation of gay-straight alliances at schools, places where young gay students and their allies can gather to support one another. The law would also have a disastrous effect on students, impeding their ability to receive potentially life-saving help from school faculty.

It’s shameful, it’s ugly and it’s wrong. Even worse, it’s a political ploy. Oh, look. There’s an upcoming election and the Republicans, who control the Missouri State House and Senate, have accomplished almost nothing. Now, before they go home and campaign, they seek to play upon irrational fears, unconcerned with who they might harm, just as long as they have an issue they believe will stir up their base and get them to the polls.

Call your state legislator and let him or her know that this type of fear mongering will not stand. And, on election day – vote! The strongest message you can send that we will not stand for this harmful and divisive politicking is to vote those who practice it out of office.

And make no mistake… if we stand together, we will stop this legislation. Most Missourians are fair-minded and will see this sorry ploy for what it truly is. But once the threat of this bill passes we cannot forget the vulnerable among us. Bullying has to stop. Young gay people need to feel safe at school and know that they can ask for help.



While we’re on the subject of language, has anyone had the heart to tell these Republicans what the abbreviation for Missouri means in certain circles that we’re not supposed to talk about any more? Please don’t or we’ll be in for another round of hateful, useless, time wasting legislation.

I just filed for Lieutenant Governor…and so did everyone else

Latest News from Susan Montee CampaignIt’s official! On Tuesday, February 28th at approximately 12:35pm, I filed as a candidate for the office of Missouri Lieutenant Governor. Since last fall, even in the face of a looming republican “juggernaut”, I saw a path to victory in this race and now that I am on the ballot, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. My plan for victory is in motion and my campaign is surging ahead.

As I exited the Secretary of State building, where filing takes place, someone asked me, “How does it feel to be one of six Democratic candidates running for Lieutenant Governor?”

“Six! There are six now?” I responded in disbelief.

“Yeah, six. For now. But it’s only the first day… and it’s still early.”

Susan Montee files for Lieutenant Governor of MissouriSix? How did we get here? It was only a few short months ago that, as the Democratic Party Chair, I couldn’t recruit anyone to run for Lieutenant Governor. Now there are six. Six! Who isn’t running for Lieutenant Governor?

On the way back to my campaign office I looked at people walking up and down the sidewalk and pondered who amongst them will be the next to enter the race? I considered stopping for coffee, but thought, what if the barista gets off work and files for Lt. Governor? If I tip for good service do I risk contributing to the campaign of an opponent in waiting? Hmm…

You might think this news would distress me. But I like to keep a positive attitude and try to look for the good in all things. Six candidates is unexpected, but is it necessarily bad? Maybe not. And, if not, then might seven be even better? Perhaps.

With this theory in mind, I’m on the cusp of a new recruiting drive. The more the merrier! If six candidates is democracy in action, then doubling up to twelve should be a democratic party.

Spring is nearly here and the weather is awfully nice already. With just three more candidates we can field a touring softball team (four more and we can play American League baseball). Of course, then we have to decide who would play where. I’ve got the best pitch, but I’m also the obvious designated hitter. Looking at this roster, I’m confident we have left field covered.

Some might say I’m inappropriately making light of a serious issue. But if we can’t laugh at the situation, we’re half way to being the guys and gals on the other side of the political fence. And we don’t want that. I welcome everyone to the democratic process. This is the way it’s meant to work.

I know that a crowded field benefits my candidacy. I was the front runner and favored to win this primary when there were two or three candidates. Now that there are six it only makes me stronger. Having run statewide twice before, I have the highest name recognition and each new entry into the race further splinters the remaining votes.

I don’t ask for your support just because I will win the primary election, but also because I am the best candidate. The primary job of Lieutenant Governor is to be ready to be Governor should the need arise. I am the only candidate with the experience to assume the office of Governor on day one. I am also in the best position to advocate for our veterans and seniors that rely on the office of Lieutenant Governor.

We will get through this primary election, but will still have a tough road ahead. Regardless of which Republican we face, the general election will not be easy. I need you to stand with me today.

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P.S. I am very hopeful that at the end of this primary election I will also have the support of my new LG primary election softball team. I will work hard to make that happen.

I’m All In and We’re Going to Win


The Lieutenant Governor’s race is not one to ignore. We don’t have time to waste! We need to elect someone who is ready to lead now; not four years from now. Someone who can make the difference we need in Missouri on day one. Some people mistakenly think of this office as a weigh station in their political career. But I know that in the hands of a true and strong leader, with the right experience, this office is one of great consequence. That’s why I’m in this race and here’s why I’m going to win.

Last fall, when I stepped down as Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party to run for Lieutenant Governor, the conventional wisdom was that the Democratic candidate couldn’t win. Some people said the other side had too much money and too big of a head start. But I disagreed. Where others only saw defeat, I saw the path to victory.

When the outlook was bleak and the fair weather politicians saw a difficult campaign and ran for cover, I decided I was all in. I believe you have to stand up for what you know is right, regardless of how hard it will be to achieve.

Susan Montee for Lieutenant Governor of MissouriI won’t just be an advocate for our Seniors when the going is easy. I will stand up for their rights, look out for their best interests and demand that the laws and regulations meant to protect and support them are always enforced.

Our veterans didn’t decide to protect our freedom only on the days when the fight didn’t seem so tough. I know the sacrifices both they and their families make to protect this country. And I’ll honor their commitment to our nation by working hard to guarantee our veterans receive every benefit they were promised upon enlistment and all the assistance the state of Missouri can offer our brave men and women.

We certainly don’t teach our children to take only the easy classes, we urge them to strive against difficulty, rise to the occasion and prepare themselves for the future. I’ll do the very same as I work to insure their safety and improve the education they receive.

The campaign for this office will not be easy, I knew that from the start. With unlimited contributions from a handful of wealthy donors on the other side, the general election in Missouri will be a tremendous challenge. We need an experienced candidate known across the state; someone who doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks, someone who is ready to lead and make a difference on day one. Stand with me and send an unmistakable message that Democrats are ready to fight and are here to take back the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri.

I’m Susan Montee, your next Lieutenant Governor.


Welcome to my new website!

My campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri is gaining momentum and the response we’re receiving from voters across the state is big.  Fund-raising is off to a fast start (even though we didn’t begin in earnest until just before Thanksgiving and then bumped into Christmas and New Year’s). And there’s some exciting news I’ll be sharing with you in the coming weeks, so I want to make sure you’re familiar with our website and come back often for the latest updates.

Your participation is crucial. I want to hear from you on the issues that are important to you and your family, the issues you think are being ignored and I want your feedback as we move forward. Use this site to contact me and as a jumping off point for further interaction through our social media sites. Find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, then join the conversation. I’ll read your comments and respond as often as I can (remember, the campaign keeps me busy).

Through all these outlets, I’ll keep you updated on my schedule so that you’ll know when I’m in your area. I want to meet as many of you as possible as I travel the across Missouri. Meeting voters, engaging them in conversation and getting to know one another is important to me as a candidate and should be part of your decision making process. So come out and see me when I’m in your neck of the woods.

As we proceed you’ll recognize what is important to me as a candidate – strengthening our economy and our families through job growth and advocating for our seniors, our veterans, and our students.

I look forward to engaging with you in the coming months. I look forward to gaining your trust and support – and your vote. Thanks for your time!


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Susan Montee