Susan Montee Offering a New Perspective to Business

By Daniel Cobb

The Griffon News September 12, 2013


Susan Montee, one of the new instructors here at Missouri Western, hopes to offer students a new way of looking at their classes this semester, thanks to her extensive career in politics.

Montee was born and raised in St. Joseph and, even at a young age, attempted to educate herself on what was happening in the world.

“I was on the debate team which helped to keep me current, as most of the issues that are discussed are relevant to the times,” Montee said.

As she entered adulthood, Montee made sure that she got involved in politics as much as she could.

“I was active in politics mainly as a volunteer and a donor for most of my adult life,” Montee said.  “But there was a particular issue that I was very concerned and passionate about at the city level, so I decided that I wanted to be a part of the city council.”

She became Buchanan County auditor in 2000 before becoming the state auditor of Missouri in 2006.  After leaving the office of Missouri state auditor, Montee eventually became the chair of the Missouri Democratic Party.  She believes that her newest job, teaching at Missouri Western, will benefit from her political career.

“I think that the time I spent active in government, from the city council through being state auditor, has given me a perspective that is really good for the courses that I’m teaching,” Montee said.

Michael Lane, the Dean of the Craig School of Business, agrees that Montee’s political background will greatly benefit her ability to teach business and auditing courses.

“In politics, you have to learn to deal with and adapt to different people, and I believe that will be an invaluable tool for her,” Lane said.  “Her expertise in those fields will definitely help her, as well.”

Montee is very fortunate that she is able to teach at Missouri Western.

“I came to town to speak to a class back in April and was told that the professor that was teaching these classes was moving away and I just kind of fell into it,” Montee said.  “It is a wonderful opportunity.”

As far as how she thinks her first semester will go, Montee believes that simply getting used to the college schedule will be her biggest challenge.

“These first weeks have been great.” Montee said.  “The biggest challenge is trying to fit all of this material that students need to know into a 50-minute time slot.”

Yet, Montee is hopeful that her first semester here will be one to remember.

“Like any college student, I’m going to try and make the most out of my time here at Missouri Western,” Montee said.

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The Truth About Susan Montee and Auditing the Stimulus

Latest News from Susan Montee CampaignIn April 2009, Susan Montee was the first state official to track the daily receipt and spending of federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, a.k.a. stimulus) funds in Missouri.  She displayed the information on-line on her official state web site for easy access to all Missouri citizens to ensure transparency in federal stimulus dollars.  This information was tracked and updated daily.

Auditing federal stimulus funds:  Because an audit is, by definition, a review of spending that has already occurred, the first opportunity to audit the spending of federal stimulus dollars received by Missouri state agencies in 2009 was in 2010, which was the last year of Susan’s term as state auditor.  In March 2010, Susan issued Report No. 2010-30 that contained several audit findings related to state agency spending of federal stimulus dollars.

But even prior to 2010, Susan prepared for the upcoming audits of stimulus funds by opting to participate in a voluntary pilot project established by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to aid in the early detection of significant deficiencies and material weaknesses in internal controls for state programs using federal stimulus funds.  Susan determined the auditor’s office would participate in the 2009 Single Audit Internal Control Project for ARRA programs (Report 2010-30, page 6).

Report 2010-30 contains many audit findings related to the spending of federal stimulus funds by Missouri state agencies. Federal spending of ARRA dollars are identified in the report with the prefix “ARRA” in the name of the federal program (Report 2010-30, page 29).  As stated on page 33 of Report 2010-30, “The following programs were audited as major programs”.  Those ARRA programs listed on pages 33 – 35 of the report include:

ARRA-Emergency Food Assistance Program

ARRA-Employment Service/Wagner-Peyser Funded Activities

ARRA-Unemployment Insurance

ARRA-Workforce Investment Act-Adult Program

ARRA-Workforce Investment Act-Youth Activities

ARRA-Workforce Investment Act-Dislocated Workers

ARRA-Highway Planning and Construction

ARRA-Formula Grants for Other Than Urbanized Areas

ARRA-Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons

ARRA-Rehabilitation Services-Vocational Rehabilitation Grants to States, Recovery Act

ARRA-Aging Home-Delivered Nutrition Services for States

ARRA-Aging Congregate Nutrition Services for States

ARRA-Child Support Enforcement

ARRA-Adoption Assistance

ARRA-Medical Assistance Program

As a result of auditing the several state programs receiving stimulus funds listed above, the federal government was notified of audit findings related to the spending of stimulus funds for the following programs:

ARRA-Unemployment Insurance (pages 37-38)

ARRA-Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons (pages 40-44)

ARRA-State Administrative Matching Grants for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (page 55)

ARRA-Child Support Enforcement (pages 55,56,68,69)

ARRA-Adoption Assistance (pages 55,57,61)

ARRA-Medical Assistance Program (pages 55,57,70)

ARRA-Emergency Food Assistance Program (Food Commodities) (page 56)

ARRA-Foster Care Title IV-E (page 57)

As a CPA, Susan personally participated in the auditing processes of federal stimulus funds in Missouri, along with a staff of career staff auditors dedicated to focus specifically on the tracking, spending, and auditing of federal stimulus dollars by Missouri state agencies.

And contrary to Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, Susan performed these duties of her office without spending or seeking to spend federal stimulus dollars.  Peter Kinder, on the other hand, spent and requested to spend the very stimulus dollars that he’s criticized others for spending.

In Fiscal Year 2010, Kinder spent $300,000 in federal stimulus funds (Lt. Gov. Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request,, page 8, “Federal Budget Stabilization Fund Replacement”; Block 3: “This additional general revenue is needed to replace $300,000 one-time Federal Budget Stabilization Funds that were used for ongoing programs in the FY2010 budget.”).

And his Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request for the Office of the Lt. Gov. included a request for another $300,000 in federal stimulus funds for his office (Lt. Gov. Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request,, page 6, “Veterans Remebrance Core”; Block 1: FY2011 Budget Request, Total Federal Funds $300,000).

Susan Montee Endorsed by News-Press

St. Joseph News-Press
October 30, 2012

Susan Montee is our choice for Missouri lieutenant governor.

We find it refreshing an office often overshadowed by others has attracted a candidate as capable as Ms. Montee. The former St. Joseph resident is both a lawyer and a certified public accountant. She was Buchanan County auditor from 2000 to 2006 and state auditor from 2007 to 2011.

As a former state officeholder, Ms. Montee understands the ways of Jefferson City. Her audits of state and local government spending were done with professionalism and fairness. She has the breadth of knowledge needed if called upon to stand in for the governor.

If elected, Ms. Montee pledges to do things differently than incumbent Peter Kinder. She says she will use the position less as a bully pulpit to talk about federal policies and will focus instead on ways to get more state resources for senior citizens and returning military veterans.

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St. Louis American Endorses Susan Montee for Lt. Governor

St. Louis American
October 25, 2012

Susan Montee was a competent and fair State Auditor, which left her with one of the most extensive bases of knowledge of Missouri state government, especially about its weaknesses. She could do a great amount of good as Lieutenant Governor in reorienting a potentially productive office – that has become a political shop – so that it actually advocates for seniors and veterans, as charged. She also would bring Democratic leadership to the Missouri Senate, where a Republican super-majority currently holds the business of the people virtually hostage.

Even with a good Republican opponent, Montee would be a strong candidate for this office. But her opponent, Republican incumbent Peter Kinder, has become a very bad candidate. He has used his office to demonize President Obama’s health care reform program, doing no good whatsoever for the state of Missouri and its citizens – doing nothing but burnishing his image with the right wing of his own party, where he faced a tough and dangerous primary opponent. Kinder courted the black vote in St. Louis in 2008, going so far as to countenance “Obama/Kinder” signs, but he has insulted the President and attacked his policies without purpose ever since he took office. Voters need to send him home, and African-American support of Susan Montee is needed to make that happen. We strongly endorse SUSAN MONTEE FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR.
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Susan Montee for lieutenant governor

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial
October 24, 2012

In May 2011, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder stood in the hallways of the Missouri Capitol with the president of U.S. Term Limits to encourage the Missouri Legislature to fight back a measure that would have weakened the existing limits imposed on state representatives and senators.

Mr. Kinder, 58, a Republican from Cape Girardeau, waxed eloquently about how term limits “bring in new blood” and ensure a “regular turnover of folks.”

We’re opposed to term limits, but in Mr. Kinder’s case, we’ll make an exception.

Missouri voters should bring in new blood to the lieutenant governor’s office and elect Democrat Susan Montee instead of sending Mr. Kinder back for a third four-year term.

Why anyone would want to be lieutenant governor — a job with almost no responsibilities — for 12 years is a mystery. Mr. Kinder is an attorney and former legislator from Cape Girardeau who has worked in the newspaper business and for hotel magnate Charles Drury. He is not without skills. As the poet writes, a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.

Mr. Kinder’s act has grown stale. His old motto of “every dollar counts” rang false when he used his office budget to reward staff members for out-of session political work, and when he spent more than $50,000 in numerous hotel stays while in St. Louis on what were mostly political trips.

Constitutionally, there’s not much government work for the LG to do, so nearly every trip he makes is a political trip. It’s why we like the proposal by Ms. Montee, the former state auditor, to adopt the practice of states where the lieutenant governor nominees run on a ticket with their party’s gubernatorial nominee.

If elected, she should push lawmakers to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to accomplish that goal.

As state auditor, Ms. Montee ran an effective office. She had an admirable independence, questioning expenditures of government money even when it got her crossways with Gov. Jay Nixon, also a Democrat. She did not show Mr. Kinder’s taste for enjoying life on the taxpayers’ dime. She would restructure her office so the small lieutenant governor’s staff focused on veterans affairs and senior citizen advocacy, the two primary responsibilities of the office.

If elected Ms. Montee would continue a 28-year streak of Missouri having at least one woman in statewide elected office. One out of six is pathetic, but it’s better than none.

Ms. Montee, 53, who hails from St. Joseph, likes to weekend in St. Louis and lives in Jefferson City, describes herself as “a good fit for Missouri.”

We agree.

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Susan Montee well-qualified to be lieutenant governor

Kansas City Star Editorial
October 20, 2012 

Republican Peter Kinder spent his second term as Missouri’s lieutenant governor improperly spending taxpayers’ money for political travel, challenging the federal health reform law in a clumsy lawsuit and getting in trouble with visits to a bawdy nightclub.

No wonder Kinder was unable to put together a campaign for governor. But now he wants to warm the lieutenant governor’s seat for a third term.

Fortunately, voters have a much better option in Democrat Susan Montee.

As a former state auditor, Montee knows every nook and cranny of state government.

She would be eminently qualified to fill in for the governor if needed — which, after all, is the primary function of the office.

The lieutenant governor also has a seat on several boards and commissions, and Montee’s experience would be valuable there. Some of those groups could use an auditor’s perspective.

Montee also promises to return the focus of the office to its traditional responsibilities — as an advocate for the elderly and veterans.

Unlike Kinder, Montee would designate a staffer to specialize in each of those areas. She plans to create referral and educational services to help veterans and seniors deal with state government.

Voters can expect Montee to carry out her duties in a responsible, conscientious way. The same cannot be said for Kinder.

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High Stakes for the Women of Missouri

Latest News from Susan Montee CampaignThere is a lot at stake for the women of Missouri in this election. We could lose our voice in the executive branch for the first time in 28 years. In 1984, Harriet Woods became the first woman elected to statewide office in Missouri when she became Lieutenant Governor. I am now the lone woman running for state office of either major party. With your help, I know we can continue Harriet’s legacy of female representation.

The impact of having too few women in office is clear. Recently, the Missouri legislature overrode the Governor’s veto of SB749, a bill that puts decisions about women’s basic health care in the hands of insurance companies. This was just the latest in a series of attacks against women that make us know we have to work hard to secure the future for our daughters.

My opponent has one of the worst records in Missouri on women’s issues. He has neglected the duties of his office and spent state funds to support his lavish lifestyle. I will work to be a Lt Governor you can be proud of and a voice for our seniors, veterans and women.

Of course, to win we have to have resources. Not unlike the 77 cents on the dollar women earn in the workplace compared to men, statistics show that female candidates receive smaller campaign contributions. This means we have to work harder to raise money from more people and we value every contribution, no matter how small.

Please vote for me in November, but consider voting with your purse or wallet today by making a contribution to my campaign. You can contribute online via my website at or you can mail a check to Montee For Missouri, P.O. Box 1536, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Thank you for everything that you do.


We Did It! No Party Until November.

Latest News from Susan Montee CampaignBoth the campaign office phone and my cell phone kept ringing with the same question, “Where is your Primary Watch Party taking place?”

I told everyone the same thing, “We’re staying home. My staff and I have to be up early the next day to work on the general election.”

In actuality, we’ve been working toward the general election all along. Confident that I am the best candidate running for Lieutenant Governor, I’ve always believed the voters would make me the Democratic nominee. Now it’s time to unite both the party and our efforts in winning in November, and we have our work cut out for us.

In Peter Kinder we face a tough, two-term incumbent many had written off. Obviously, he’s not as damaged as they thought. Even though he nearly depleted his war chest engaging in one of the ugliest campaigns in Missouri history, he’s already reloading at a rapid rate and will raise a million dollars or more in no time. You and I know there’s one thing Republicans do better than Democrats: raise big money through large donations from wealthy contributors.

I intend to run a positive campaign focusing on issues, ideas and leadership: the opposite of what we witnessed in the Republican primary. To do so, I’m going to need your help. My campaign relies on the generous donations of many more Missourians, who don’t write these six figure checks. Can I count on your support?

More Than Ever, Every Vote Counts

Latest News from Susan Montee CampaignNot long ago someone wrote the Democrats in Missouri need a one hundred fourteen county strategy. Since my first statewide race, that’s how I’ve operated. As State Auditor I visited every county and met face to face with the people my work

As Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party I followed the same path, just as I have in my campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

Big cities are important, no doubt, but we must make it clear to voters in small towns and rural areas that we as Democrats are equally committed to the needs and concerns of all Missourians.

There was no Republican surge in 2010. The so-called shellacking we received at the polls was self-inflicted. Plain and simple, Democrats stayed home that year and the results were devastating.

We cannot afford a similar voter turnout in this election. We must turn out and vote this year all across the state and it needs to start today with the primary, on August 7th.

It might sound strange to say it, but Democrats need to take Democratic ballots. If you want to vote against a Republican, do it in the November general election, not in a primary where good Democrats need your support.

Do not forget to take a stand on the vitally important ballot initiatives as well.

More than ever, every vote counts.

Machinists Union Endorses Susan Montee

March 26th, 2012


Montee increases her advantage over other candidates with another major endorsement.

Susan Montee for Missouri Lieutenant Governor 2012(JEFFERSON CITY) – Yesterday, Sunday March 25th, 2012 The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the Missouri State Council of Machinists announced their endorsement of Susan Montee for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri. This is the second major endorsement for Montee’s campaign in the last two weeks.

“Susan Montee is the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri and we are proud to endorse her. In her long career of public service Susan Montee has always taken a stand for organized labor and the families they support. And once again we are ready to stand with her,” said Michael Louis, State Council President of the Missouri State Council of Machinists.

Founded in 1888, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is an AFL/CIO trade union and represents nearly 650,000 workers and their families.

“I am honored to accept this endorsement from the hard working men and women of the Machinists Union,” said Susan Montee. “As Lieutenant Governor I will use all the power and influence of the office to expand economic development and job creation in Missouri for all it’s citizens. And I promise to stand guard against those who seek to limit the rights of working men and women to organize and bargain for labor agreements.”

Susan Montee was the 35th State Auditor of Missouri, elected in 2006 with over one million votes and serving from 2007 to 2011. After that she served as the Chair of the Democratic Party of Missouri. In November of 2011, she stepped down from that position to run for Lieutenant Governor.

This is the second major labor endorsement in as many weeks for Susan Montee’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor. The Carpenters’ Union announced their endorsement of the Montee campaign on March 13th.

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